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New day new software...

Today I'm very excited to share practically the best software for HackRF under Windows I have seen so far. Without further ado:

FM Broadcast radio

What you see in this picture is the full FM broadcast band in my region. The good thing about HackRF is that it has extremely high sample rate. That means that you can pick pretty wide bandwidth. Or to say it in simple words - you can see in the waterfall very wide range of frequencies. In this case I picked selection between 75 - 110 MHz.

To make things even better I activated the FM Stereo mode and decoded the data that is coming with this station. That's how you can see on the right side panel that the station is called Z-ROCK (one of my favorite stations!) and also its website.

OK, broadcast stations are pretty neat but so what? A lot of programs could give you that. So let's speak in screenshots.

Recording of base (IQ) data

Recording of base (IQ) data

I saw a signal which I can hear clearly but it makes no sense to me. Have that happened to you? Well... why not analyze it?

Analyze of base (IQ) data

Analyze of base (IQ) data

And here - now it makes even less sense :) Oh well... that doesn't really matter - in this screen I can easily play the different portions and feel the freedom of doing my own seeking for the needle in the haystack. And that's pretty cool!

And now one of my favorite features...

Satellite tracking

Satellite tracking

It even speaks and tells you when station is about to show up :) Indeed - this software is a breath of fresh air. I'll definitely play with it regularly.

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