Satellite Status - HRPT Transmissions

HRPT (High resolution picture transmission) is broadcast sent to Earth from orbiting satellites. Here's a sample of what it looks like:

Those images have very good resolution. Here are some frequencies to use:

Organization Satellite Name Orbit Format Frequency
NOAA NOAA-15 Polar HRPT 1702.5 MHz
NOAA NOAA-18 Polar HRPT 1707.0 MHz
NOAA NOAA-19 Polar HRPT 1698.0 MHz
EUMETSAT Metop-A Polar AHRPT 1701.3 MHz
CMA Feng Yun FY-3A Sunsynchronous AHRPT 1704.5 MHz
CMA Feng Yun FY-3B Sunsynchronous AHRPT 1704.5 MHz
CMA Feng Yun FY-3C Sunsynchronous AHRPT 1701.3 MHz

Where's the catch? As always the catch is in the antenna :) You need a very high gain antenna. For example:

Satellite Dish

Helical antenna

Yagi-Uda antenna

Coming soon...

I will find some time to play a bit with those broadcast. Maybe I will come up with some practical home-brew solutions on how to catch them.


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