(V2) & HackRF

New day new software... Today I'm very excited to share practically the best software for HackRF under Windows I have seen so far. Without further ado: What you see in this picture is the full FM broadcast band in my region. The good thing about HackRF is that it has

Running hackrf on MacOS

Today I decided to share few thoughts on running hackrf on Mac. There are some bits that might look scary to some folks so I'll try to shed some light. First the bad news - there is no natively compiled software that will work automagically for you so prepare for

hackrf - first impressions

Yesterday I got my hackrf one board. I am very excited about it as it offers a lot of functionality for my projects. So far I can share very little about it but here it comes... What I like It's very small and portable It has a nice little antenna

Satellite Status - HRPT Transmissions

HRPT (High resolution picture transmission) is broadcast sent to Earth from orbiting satellites. Here's a sample of what it looks like: Those images have very good resolution. Here are some frequencies to use: Organization Satellite Name Orbit Format Frequency NOAA NOAA-15 Polar HRPT 1702.5 MHz NOAA NOAA-18 Polar

Social Media

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